Looking for a data visualisation job?

We have a vacancy in our team.

Frequently asked questions

Q) Can I work remotely / from London?

A) There is flexibility around working arrangements and location. We want you to get the most out of the job and we believe there’s a lot of advantages to being in the office. This could be learning a new shortcut, discussing a problem and also getting to know the different parts of the organisation. I wouldn’t rule out applying because of the location as I’m sure we’re open to discussion about it.

Q) What is your tech setup?

A) We use a whole range of tools. This ranges from just digging around the data in excel to running docker images. We have off-network MacBook for our development work as well as secure windows laptops for pre-released data.

Q) What skills are you looking for?

A) We don’t need you to be great at everything. We work in a collaborative way with other members in our team to bring out the best in each other and for each project. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and have any combination of the following skills

Got more questions? Ping me an email or find me on social media @henryjameslau.